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Red Cabbage



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  • Sales time:2016-06-04

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Cabbages are from the brassica family and are one of the oldest vegetables known.

Varieties of cabbages grown in New Zealand include red, green or white, with smooth or crinkled leaves, and round or oval in shape. Taste variations are subtle.

Red cabbage

These are hard, tightly packed and crisp with dark red or crimson leaves. Traditionally they are cooked longer than green cabbages. Lemon juice, wine or vinegar can be added to preserve the red colour when cooked. They grow all year but are more plentiful in autumn and winter. 


All year.


Refrigerate in plastic bags.

How to prepare

Remove any tough, coarse or damaged leaves. Cut or shred depending on requirement.

Ways to eat

Cook for a short time until tender, but still slightly crisp. Serve as soon as possible after cooking. Raw shredded cabbage is the main ingredient of coleslaw. Use cabbage leaves, red or green, as a leaf wrapping, stuffed with a savoury filling and simmered in liquid until tender. Sauerkraut is a pickled cabbage dish.


Cooking Methods

Boil, steam, microwave, stir fry, stuff.