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$14 / 100g

Rhubarb is considered a fruit because it is usually eaten as a dessert, but it is actually a vegetable.

Thought to be a native of Tibet, rhubarb is the leaf stalk (or petiole) of a perennial plant. The leaves are not eaten as they are poisonous.

What to look for

Look for firm, red glossy stalks that are crisp and showing no signs of wilting.


All year, but less available in July and August.


Refrigerate in plastic bags.

How to prepare

Remove leaves. Wash young rhubarb stalks and cut into equal lengths. Older, thicker rhubarb needs any coarse strings to be peeled off before slicing. Do not eat the leaves as they are poisonous.

Ways to eat

Rhubarb can be stewed with a little sugar and eaten as a dessert. It can be used in muffins, cakes, jams, flans or in crumbles, in place of, or in addition to, apple.

Cooking Methods

Bake, braise, stew.