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Calcium Milk Bites-Strawberry



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Milk source from New Zealand, High in Calcium, No artificial colours or flavours

48 Chocolate Moo Chews / Glass Bottle

Moo Chews Strawberry flavoured milk bites are bursting with fresh strawberry flavour because we use only the perfect combination of the finest quality ingredients, real fruit and our Premium Whole Milk. Moo Chews Strawberry Milk Bites uses freshly sourced strawberries that have been freeze-dried, ground to a powder keeping in all the goodness to be added to delicious milk bites.  Our recipe is simple. Using carefully sourced natural ingredients, we guarantee a better option for your kid's health and teeth. 

Moo Chews™ uses  ensuring only the finest ingredients to guarantee a better option for our kid's health and teeth. Moo Chews™ milk bites are a healthy, yummy and wholesome snack. Calcium is the most abundant mineral in our body and forms the basic structure of our bones and teeth. Just one serving of Moo Chews™ milk bites provides 20% of the recommended daily amount of calcium in a deliciously nutritious treat! 

Directions: For ages 2 and up, chew 12  Moo Chews™ daily to boost calcium.