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Truss Cherry Tomatoes(3C)



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  • Weight:300 gram
  • Sales time:2021-11-04

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$54 / pack
300g / pack

Tomatoes are native to South America and were originally grown for their decorative purposes.

The tomato is actually a fruit but is considered a vegetable because of its uses. They were affectionately known as pommes d’amour by the French, or apples of love.

All New Zealand tomatoes are ripened on the vine which makes them tastier than some imported varieties.



All year.


Tomatoes should be stored at room temperature out of direct sunlight. Tomatoes will ripen in these conditions. Do not refrigerate unless they are over ripe. Refrigerated tomatoes do not have the full flavour of tomatoes stored at room temperature.

How to prepare

Sometimes recipes suggest removal of the skin and seeds of the tomato for a very fine sauce, however this is not necessary for most dishes.

Ways to eat

Tomatoes are very versatile, they can be eaten raw as snacks, in salads and sandwiches. They can be used in soups, pizzas, omelettes, braises and stews. Tomatoes preserve well and are easily frozen and bottled, made into homemade sauces, chutneys, and dried or sundried. Tomatoes are complemented by many herbs, especially basil.

Cooking Methods

Boil, braise, barbecue/char grill, microwave, slow roast, stir fry.