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Brown Button Mushroom



  • Market price:$90.00
  • Weight:250 gram
  • Sales time:2016-04-05

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Product Detail

$75 / pack
250g / pack

Button mushrooms

These are mushrooms that are harvested when still small and unopened. Once the mushrooms open to a stage where the gills are visible they are referred to as cups. White button mushrooms are the most commonly consumed mushrooms in New Zealand.


All year.


Remove from plastic packaging and refrigerate in a paper bag. Mushrooms continue to grow after harvesting and they will respire or ‘sweat’ in plastic bags. Brown paper bags will absorb moisture and keep mushrooms fresher.

How to prepare

Cultivated mushrooms don't need peeling – just wipe both the cap and stalk with a paper towel. Do not wash. Field mushrooms sometimes need peeling.

Ways to eat

Mushrooms are very versatile and will add flavour to many dishes. They can be used with meat, in soups, sauces, braises, stews, stir fries, omelettes, pies, salads and on pizzas. They can be microwaved, barbecued, stir fried, baked, grilled, fried or poached. Serve them raw with a dip or in salads.

Cooking Methods

Button: bake, grill, stir fry.
Cups: bake, grill, stir fry, stuff.
Portobello: bake, braise, grill, roast, stir fry, stuff.