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Mini Crunchita Cos



  • Market price:$158.40
  • Weight:600 gram
  • Sales time:2016-04-09

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Product Detail

$22 / 100g
400g / pack

Originally from the Mediterranean region, lettuce has always been a popular vegetable. 

There are many lettuce varieties, with availability changing often. 'Head' lettuces - firm, tightly packed heads with a central core or heart and crisp leaves. Leafy lettuces - some have a small heart, such as buttercrunch, some do not and their leaves can be picked individually. Leafy lettuce has a soft texture and loose leaves. Other greens - such as endive, frisee and salad greens.


This is a winter lettuce also known as romaine. It has an elongated head with coarse leaves that are crunchy and sharp in flavour. This lettuce is a key ingredient of Caesar salad.


All year.


Refrigerate in plastic bags or store in the crisper. Avoid squashing the lettuce. Alternatively, if the lettuce roots are still attached, stand the lettuce in a jar with the roots in water, and do not refrigerate.

Ways to eat

Lettuce is used raw in salads, sandwiches and rolls. Use several varieties of lettuce together to increase interest. Lettuce leaves may also be used as wraps. Older leaves can be used in soups.